Microsoft removes uncertified devices from Windows 11 testing

Microsoft started remove PCs that are not eligible for upgrade to Windows 11 from the Windows Insider Test Program.

And if you’re helping the company test the new operating system on a device that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, you’ll likely see a message in Windows Update warning that you need to reinstall Windows 10.

Microsoft’s warning says: Your device does not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11. Your device is not eligible for Windows Insider. Please install Windows 10 to participate in Windows Insider in the Release Preview channel.

Testers of the new system on both the Dev and Beta channels began receiving the message on incompatible computers this week.

This coincides with the company officially announcing the release date of October 5th for the upcoming operating system.

And the company warned testers at the beginning of the beta period for Windows 11 that such a thing could happen. But this still highlights the confusing minimal hardware requirements the company has set.

Windows 11 testers who were running the operating system on unsupported hardware can use a workaround to install the ISO version of the final version. But the company warns that devices in this unsupported state will not be eligible for Windows updates, and that may include security patches.

The company recommends that Windows 11 testers who do not meet the minimum install Windows 10, as this operating system is supported until 2025.

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Microsoft removes uncertified devices from Windows 11 testing

Many Windows 11 testers remain puzzled that their PC is not officially supported. This is despite the fact that the operating system has likely been running fine for months.

And the software giant tried to justify the minimal hardware requirements of Windows 11 by talking about security and reliability. However, they are giving away some devices that were sold only a few years ago.

Windows 11 brings basic security up to the processor level, and the company has made it clear that it wants to enforce TPM, UEFI Secure Boot, and virtualization-based security methods.

Windows 11 arrives on October 5th, and the company continues to release new Dev versions of the operating system for testers.

Android apps integration will not arrive at launch. But Windows Insider testers can access the feature, which relies heavily on modern hardware. in the coming months.

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