Microsoft announces Office 2021 pricing and features

Microsoft recently unveiled Office 2021, which is the latest version of Microsoft’s office suite of applications. The company has set the launch date of the new version to be on October 5, along with the expected Windows 11 system.

Today, Microsoft revealed more details regarding the new version. This is where it revealed the prices and the features and features that will come with the new version.

Microsoft provides the Office package with a number of features that were available exclusively to subscribers of the paid Microsoft 365 service. Perhaps the most prominent new feature is the ability to work together on documents through the PC version.

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Through the new feature, more than one person will be able to work on the same document remotely, which is undoubtedly a useful feature. This feature mainly depends on the Microsoft OneDrive cloud service.

In addition, Office 2021 includes significant design improvements. As it has received a revamped design in line with Windows 11, and Office applications will now switch between dark and light modes according to the settings of Windows itself.

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Microsoft unveils Office 2021

The new Office package includes Microsoft Teams as well. Which Microsoft began to rely on as the default application for communication. Microsoft has also integrated this app into Windows 11 as well. So perhaps integrating it into Office will be more useful for Windows 10 users.

The software giant has also revealed the official pricing for the various versions of Office. That’s where the Office Home and Student 2021 edition for home and student use comes at $149.99.

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It shows us that pricing is generally unchanged compared to previous versions. However, the Student and Home editions do not include all the applications, but rather include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. In addition to the two apps Teams and OneNote, which are originally free.

On the other hand, the professional version, which comes in the name of Office Home and Business 2021, will cost the user $ 249.99, and it includes all of the above along with Outlook. But it does give its buyers the right to use the apps in business in general.

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Users of Office 2013 or earlier will have to upgrade, because their versions will not be supported on Windows 11, something Microsoft has criticized some for.

And do not forget that Google offers the same services as Microsoft, but for free. However, Google apps, on the other hand, are browser-based and not PC apps. Microsoft offers free alternatives as well via the browser.

You can also use Google office services from hereCheck out the free version of Office from here. This is in light of the presence of dozens of other free alternatives from emerging companies in addition to the presence of free and open source alternatives, such as WPS Office, LibreOffice, and others.

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