Mercedes presents a prototype of the electric Maybach

offered Mercedes has the electric Maybach EQS, a luxury concept car that the company says is a preview of what the future of high-end electric vehicles might look like.

The company revealed the electric SUV at the Munich Motor Show IAA MobilityIt also announced the G-Class SUV concept, and a more purchasable electric sedan.

Compared to Maybach GLS Currently, the concept of EQS does not seem strange. Mercedes says the car is based on its modular electric architecture – the same architecture that powers the upcoming EQS sedan.

The company says the concept aims to demonstrate its vision of a zero-emissions future domestically, without giving up the exclusivity and luxury implied by the Maybach name.

The company added that the interior is supposed to remind you of the yacht, and the car contains something called the driver’s package.

And for the ultra-luxury Maybach, it wouldn’t hurt to have a greener option in the world.

The fuel-powered Maybach GLS has a 4-liter V8 engine, which delivers 6 km/litre in the city and 8 km/liter on the highway.

The company describes the concept car as having a dynamic shape and fluid design. In keeping with the eco-friendly theme of electric vehicles, the rug is faux fur. The headlights are surrounded by the Maybach emblems.

With the Maybach EQS concept, Mercedes offers a clear preview of the traditional luxury brand’s first all-electric series production model.

The all-wheel drive concept car builds on the modular architecture of Mercedes’ luxury and luxury electric vehicles and takes the exclusivity of Maybach to an indigenously zero-emissions future.

She added, “This concept represents the transformation of the luxury brand rich in tradition into a more advanced and fully electric future.” Like every Maybach, it represents sophisticated luxury in every aspect.

As a result, the car is proof of the latest in electric driving and entertainment technology combined with Maybach craftsmanship and interior design.

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Mercedes presents a prototype of the electric Maybach

In addition, the MBUX Hyperscreen’s 56-inch screen area is divided into a 17.7-inch central touch screen. A 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch touchscreen display for the front passenger. Rear seat passengers also get their own entertainment system.

The concept car had Tesla-like door handles that extend automatically when the driver approaches, and the driver’s door opens automatically.

Moreover, the company did not provide any technical details, because it uses the concept of an SUV as a purely design study.

But when you remove some of the Maybach design features, such as the chrome grille and 24-inch wheels. You get an idea of ​​what the EQS SUV looks like.

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