Megan Fox joins the cast of Expendables 4

Today, production company Lionsgate confirmed that Megan Fox will be officially joining the cast of The Expendables 4 as the newest member of the cast of Sylvester Stallone during the events of the sequel.

Megan was famous for many of the works she presented, but the Transformers series was certainly one of her most important stations in “Hollywood”, but she did good works as well, the last of which was the distinguished movie Till Death.

With the addition of “Fox” as we mentioned to the Expendables team, it has become the youngest member of the team, which will see the return of “Sylvester Stallone”, “Jason Statham”, “Dolph Lundgren” and “Randy Couture” with the famous actor and singer “50 Cent” and joining Tony Jaa Also to the staff.

The new movie will be directed by Scott Wu, who previously worked on Need for Speed ​​and Acts of Valor

While the fourth part of The Expendables will witness the non-return of Terry Crews, who stated in 2018 that he will not return to the series again.

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