Marvel’s Wolverine is completely independent and in very early stages of development

Insomniac . Publishing statment Full of interesting details on the PlayStation website about his new game, Marvel’s Wolverine, which was officially announced at yesterday’s conference.

The team confirmed that the game is the fruit of a collaboration between Sony, Marvel, and of course the same team, Insomniac, and it will be a new game completely independent of the studio’s other projects and will see the participation of creative director Brian Horton and director Cameron Christian.

The team also says that their goal in the game industry is to respect what makes the character likable and have their own fans, while at the same time looking for opportunities to revitalize their appearance to reflect the developer’s vision.

The team also confirms that they are working on something very special, but Marvel’s Wolverine is still in the very early stages of development, and will be released exclusively for PS5.

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