Marvel’s Midnight Suns battle system uses cards

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the next Marvel superhero game, but with a tactical twist. In a new gameplay reveal, developer Firaxis shared more about the strategic card-based battle system that players will use to fight in the battle with Lilith.

Midnight Suns is developed by famous Xcom game developer Firaxis, so the strategic battle system might not come as a surprise to fans. But in addition to turn-based battles, players will also use the environment, team composition, and a random assortment of ability cards.

As we’ve seen with today’s gameplay reveal, the battles in Midnight Suns involve picking three heroes and using a set of random ability cards. Your abilities are tied to these cards, and since each “hand of cards” is random at the start of the battle, you’ll have to think strategically to get results. These cards can also be upgraded as you progress through the game.

This is not a card game like Hearthstone, but rather similar to rogue-lites that use card abilities like Slay the Spire.

Players can use these ability cards along with the environment to inflict massive damage on enemies as well. Blast your enemy at nearby fuel tanks or even off the ledge to quickly clear the arena of bad guys when you’re in trouble.

You can also coordinate team attacks if the right heroes are with you. Improving your relationship with these characters during social segments in Midnight Suns will also improve your team’s abilities.

As revealed during the Gamescom ONL event, Marvel’s Midnight Suns represent a darker take on the Marvel universe with an emphasis on the supernatural. You will play as an original Marvel hero who can be fully customized, fighting and living alongside the famous Marvel heroes. And although you will be able to communicate with them, unfortunately, you cannot date anyone.

Check out the full gameplay demo in the video above here via IGN.

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