Marvel’s Avengers content map revealed for the remainder of 2021

As promised by the developer, Crystal Dynamics has officially revealed the map of content planned for Marvel’s Avengers during the remaining months of this year.

The map confirms that the developer did not forget his old statements about adding Spider-Man in the current year, but unfortunately he did not provide any additional information on the subject, but rather confirmed that the character was not reviewed and the game was not fully present in the new PlayStation event.

The content map attached below reveals the first invasion event also under the title Discordant Sound and will allow players to participate in either normal mode (strength level 150-160) or elite mode (level 160-175) and will put players in confrontation with Klaw to end his story that began in War for Wakanda Expansion.

The developer says that this conquest event will be the content that brings the greatest challenge to the game, it will test the individual skills of the players, teamwork skills and observe what is going on around them.

Credit: Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix

As for the other things in the content map, there is a plan to raise the upper limit of the power level, but not at the expense of the gear that the player has already collected and owned, but the developer will introduce a gear upgrade system (Epic, Legendary, Exotic class) from level 100 to the new upper limit .

The developer also plans to modify the way some internal resources are used in the game such as Polychoron and Upgrade Modules so that they are allocated to specific uses, and the only resources that will have multiple uses within the game are Fragments.

In the remainder of the developer’s statement, he’s also announced first-anniversary activities that will run until September 16th and automatically give players a free nameplate for anyone who successfully seals the entire story and add-ons: Reassemble, Taking Aim, Future Imperfect, War for Wakanda.

Also stay tuned for free weekly prizes this month starting with a free Iron Man outfit, Anniversary Celebration Pack (containing the Black Panther nameplate, Hero’s Catalyst add-ons and Fragment Extractor), a free Thor outfit, and an additional Hero’s Catalyst the following week.

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