Marvel’s Avengers Adds XP Boosts and Players Revolt

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have added the option to pay for XP boosts and collect resources using real money in Marvel’s Avengers. The move has drawn indignation from many fans who believe it presents a stark contrast to previous statements made about the game’s funding plans.

Marvel’s Avengers recent addition to Xbox Game Pass has likely brought a bunch of new players to the game. However, for pre-existing fans, news of the game moving to the new platform was soon followed by the more disturbing fact that the in-game market now offers players the option to purchase booster-based ‘consumable items’ with credits that can only be earned by spending real money. .

According to a report VGCIn the game, new consumable items can be purchased to temporarily increase the amount of experience points and resources a player can gain while playing the game. This basically allows fans to make faster progress, as long as they don’t mind spending real money to do so.

News of the change in the game’s funding mechanisms has caused indignation among fans on Marvel’s Avengers subredditMany felt this move was in direct contradiction to a number of previous comments promising that the “pay-to-win” system would never be introduced in the game.

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