Mark Zuckerberg looking into the future of Metaverse

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and virtual reality leader within the company, Andrew Bosworth, are excited about the prototype of a virtual or immersive reality device via photo New.

Zuckerberg and Bosworth posted photos of the two wearing headset prototypes and linking the concepts to Facebook’s work on Metaverse.

While the headsets the two are wearing are by no means guaranteed to become an actual retail product, they are a look at what’s going on in Facebook’s virtual reality lab.

The sunglasses Mark Zuckerberg wears look similar to the company’s Oculus sunglasses. However, it defines it as Retina Resolution, which is a phrase borrowed from Apple for screens with such a high pixel density that you can’t distinguish individual points over a normal operating distance.

The headset that Bosworth wears has a better design, and looks like the graphics and descriptions of Apple’s VR headset.

Beyond Zuckerberg’s vague comment about the retina, there aren’t any details about what kind of headset they’re craving, what their capabilities are, or even if they’re just non-functional design models.

This ambiguity may be to be expected, given that this is not an advertisement for a product from Facebook.

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Mark Zuckerberg longs for a virtual reality device

While the company has released its screenless Ray-Ban smart glasses that it describes as a step on the way to full-fledged augmented reality glasses, Facebook’s VR lab is also teasing several prototypes that probably won’t make it to market.

This includes things like glasses that translate your face across the front of the VR headset. and research-focused augmented reality glasses Aria. And a proof-of-concept set of VR glasses that show you a virtual world rather than augmented the real world.

Rather than displaying salable headgear, Mark Zuckerberg appears to be promoting his concept of so-called metaverses. Which the company says is a virtual world that could be the next version of the internet.

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