Manage private email addresses via iCloud

Apple introduced iCloud + recently with the launch of iOS 15, and this service offers a set of additional features for iCloud subscribers.

This service provides them with additional degrees of protection and more than the usual iCloud service, through the Private Rely feature.

The private Rely feature works similarly to regular VPN technologies, but Apple’s servers generate the new digital address.

The service also added the feature of managing private email addresses that you host on your own servers.

This means that your email should look like this: [email protected] For example, without having to manually install email.

The new feature allows you to manage all your email accounts without having to manually install them on every Apple device you use.

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Steps to add private email addresses via iCloud

First go to your iCloud account through their site and log in with your details.

After that, click on the Manage Account option below your username and profile picture.

Manage private email addresses via iCloud

Then tap on add private mail accounts, you must be an iCloud + subscriber and have the iOS 15 update installed.

The service offers you two options now, where you can use private email accounts with your iCloud account only, or with the accounts of all your family members.

And if you choose to use the account with family members, each of your family members gets 3 private email accounts.

After you choose, the platform asks you to add the address of the host you want to use, which is your site address.

Then confirm the address you entered in the first step, and then enter your full email address.

You can add any additional email addresses you wish, or you can click on Skip adding addresses.

After that, you will receive a message on the email address you entered to be able to confirm it and start using it via iCloud.

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