MagSafe battery for iPhone mocks users

Apple is known for its strange decisions, which may irritate and then ridicule users. It is usually related to iPhones. As it is the company’s most popular and most selling products.

We saw this kind of decision when Apple ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack for no good reason. Later, these strange decisions were repeated with the removal of the charger and headphones from the iPhone 12 case. All these decisions were met with ridicule.

Perhaps the company’s latest product that sparked the same sentiments among users was the MagSafe add-on. It is a portable battery based on wireless charging. However, they are very bulky, inconvenient to use, and, as usual, expensive.

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MagSafe Battery for iPhone

On social networks, users began to mock the product after its true images began to appear. The look of the product in the official Apple photos was very different from what it looks like in reality.

Below we share with you the official image of the product from Apple:

MagSafe battery for iPhone mocks users

As for the actual product images, they were as follows:

MagSafe battery for iPhone mocks users

MagSafe battery for iPhone mocks users

The pictures showed how big the Apple laptop battery is. And if you haven’t noticed yet, this product is a portable battery that sticks to the iPhone 12 of its different versions, depending on the magnets on the back of the phone.

It’s the same way a traditional MagSafe ring charger works. But this accessory is portable and relies on wireless charging.

This portable battery comes at a very high price, as it sells for $99. And this is in light of its uncomfortable design, which is shown in the photos above.

Users have likened this design to a camel’s hump. However, all of these things can be accepted, but what cannot be accepted from an accessory of this size and price is its arrival with a capacity of only 1,460mAh.

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The iPhone 12 Pro, for example, comes with a 2,815mAh battery. That is, the new MagSafe portable battery will only be enough to charge half the phone’s battery before it also needs to be charged.

On the other hand, Apple has provided a good feature in the new battery. It is possible to connect it to the charger while it is connected to the phone. To be charged and then charge the phone at the same time.

Users may disagree or agree on the quality and value of this product for its price. However, it is not one of the company’s distinctive products in any respect.

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