Lots of technical issues surrounding Madden NFL 22

The start of Madden NFL 22. Unfortunately, it was not successful, but it was received by a lot of technical problems, which angered the players because of their wide spread and made the experience impossible.

One of the most famous technical mistakes that the game is currently going through is what is known among players as Loss Glitch, a technical mistake that is repeated in Franchise matches so that when matches win even by a large difference between you and the opponent, the technical error will reverse the results and make you the loser in the end.

The game faces many other problems, many of which are graphical problems and other gameplay problems that prevent the game from playing the role of defense correctly because it is not possible to move the players to the right place.

All players are now waiting for an official comment from EA to schedule an urgent update release to end these issues as soon as possible.

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