LinkedIn is going to drop the Stories feature at the end of September

LinkedIn has announced the closure of its Stories product. The company plans to remove the existing stories experience by the end of September, according to Ma she said Liz Lee, Product Manager.

The Microsoft-owned platform moved into the direction of content creators early last year. Added Stories feature as a way to share quick video updates.

Snapchat-style video stories were first launched in February 2020 in internal testing. Part of the reason for the shutdown is that the platform has learned that users do not want the video to disappear.

While developing stories, she said, we assumed that people didn’t want to attach unofficial videos to their accounts, and that rapid demise lowers the barriers people feel to posting.

She added, “It turns out that you want to create long-lasting videos that tell your professional story in a more personal way and highlight your personality and expertise.”

The move follows Twitter’s shutdown of the Fleets-like product in July.

Like LinkedIn, Twitter noticed that users did not respond to temporary videos the way they wanted.

“We were hoping that Fleets would help more people join the conversation across the platform,” said Elijah Brown, Twitter’s vice president of product. But since we introduced Fleets to everyone, we haven’t seen an increase in the number of new people joining the conversation with Fleets as we’d hoped.

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LinkedIn is going to drop the Stories feature at the end of September

The shutdown may signal a broader retreat from ephemeral video products among social media companies. However, it seems unlikely that Snapchat or Instagram will abandon the Stories products any time soon.

“We introduced Stories last year as a fun, informal way to share quick video updates,” the Microsoft-owned platform said. We have learned a lot. We are now taking these lessons to develop the story format into a reimagined video experience that is richer and more conversational.

“We want to embrace mixed media and creative tools for stories in a consistent way across our platform, while working to better integrate them with your professional identity.” We’re working on a new trial once the current one is closed.

The platform indicated that comments from users demand creative tools to make videos more attractive and professional.

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