Life is Strange: True Colors Review

There is nothing worse than loneliness, when you lose your loved ones and leave your past behind, and you find yourself alone in reining in your emotions and unable to share them with anyone, which can have unintended consequences that negatively affect your psychological state and destroy your life completely, or make you a stronger and better capable person To deal with the darkest situations, and as they say, from the midst of suffering, hope is born, a sentence that our heroine “Alex Chen” followed to the letter in its entirety. Life is Strange: True Colors She embarks on a journey that will turn her life upside down, after years spent alone in an institution akin to a prison.

Eight years of solitude and a chance to start over

It doesn’t take much time to empathize with a character Alex Chen, the main heroine in the events of the title, and will not be able to resist her innocent features, natural emotions, and automatic reactions to what is happening around her, where studio excelled Deck Nine In presenting the character in a perfect way, you look forward to knowing her past more clearly, and what awaits her from an uncertain future after spending eight years in a specialized center to care for children and adolescents who have lost their parents.

Alex can’t wait to get her freedom, and goes on to explain that much later in the game, and once the 23-year-old finished rehab, she immediately set off for a town. Haven Springs After she received an invitation from her brother Gabi to move to live with him and start over in a small, quiet town, most of its residents work in mining, and despite her fears of dealing with strangers, the warm welcome she found from her brother and the townspeople removed barriers and encouraged her to interact with her brother’s friends to feel as If she returned home again after a long separation.

Once Alex begins to get used to the atmosphere and spend time with her new friends, the winds do not like the ships, as a search for a missing child ends in a tragic accident that turns her life that has just settled upside down, and she embarks on a perilous journey that knows no end in order to find the truth. He revealed the culprits of this accident in cooperation with a group of her new friends, and here the events change automatically according to the choices that the player makes, which either help him move forward and gain the trust of others, or cause bigger problems than expected and reach dead ends.

The game’s narration fuels the desire to know the truth. There is something mysterious going on in this city especially with a mining company controlling everything that happens within the town limits, and the residents don’t know more than what is allowed. Apart from that, the city evolves over time through the seasons. Which opens new regions and introduces first-time characters, as well as players can explore a set of optional secondary stories that provide more information about the region and its secrets.

As usual, interactive games have clearly carved out a special place in the industry in the past years thanks to studio projects Telltale Games In the first place, the player roams in a somewhat limited environment to explore its nature, the activities in which the locals are good, and the secrets that some try to hide in various ways, and the situation develops over time as you invest your time in exploration more, which leads to opening new conversations with various characters And getting more information will undoubtedly benefit you in solving the final puzzle and reaching the truth.

The truth is painful, but it is inevitable

Despite the simplicity of the game in the design of characters and the virtual world, but this type of interactive games can be considered as a theatrical show in which the player assumes the role of the director who controls the events without leading the scene, that simplicity hides behind an amazing collection of human stories, feelings and conversations Thoughtfully crafted for the player to interact with and get their attention even if they don’t pay any attention to them at first, those stories may not be as important as the topics covered in previous versions such as immigration and racism, but the methods that were followed in this part and give the player enough time to interact With each character and getting to know them better, it resulted in more diverse characters, more exciting events, and a plot that personally impressed me and kept me looking forward to see what things would turn out in the end, even though I wasn’t feeling that excited at first.

The stories that some may see are simple and not that important, and the personal secrets that the townspeople try to hide to avoid feeling pity and sympathy are what show the wonderful True Colors In embodying human feelings in a simple and amazing way at the same time, whether it is through an elderly woman trying to hide the pain resulting from her Alzheimer’s disease so as not to negatively affect the future of the girl who takes care of her and burdens her with unnecessary problems, or the feelings of a young child for a girl he met She has just gained his trust after showing interest in his activities, all of these feelings Alex can discover and identify in a subtle way through her supernatural ability that allows her to know what’s on other people’s minds without having to speak to her in public.

Simple gameplay with welcome additions and a story that moves forward smoothly

The events of the game focus entirely on Alex’s ability to read the feelings of others and know what frightens them or makes them happy, and then help them in the best way to gain their trust. This feature may seem simple at first, but it develops over time and branch out to include interaction with more than one character at the same time in order to discover the truth, That ability isn’t nearly as complex as a character’s time control skills Max In the first game, but it is more humane in terms of caring for others and trying to solve the problems of loved ones by understanding their feelings without clearly interfering in their choices, only guiding them to the right path and then they are free to deal with their own problems and solve them in the way that suits them.

True Colors It is an interactive game that does not offer any complex gameplay mechanics or require specific skills to master and move forward successfully, making it accessible and experience for any player, the most important element here is to explore the world around you and interact with all the available elements, and then gather information that allows you to clearly understand the situation and take action Your decision is either to help or leave the situation as it is without any interference, and the events are divided into a group of chapters that move at a completely appropriate pace that is not boringly slow, or too fast that makes you lose interest in other characters because of not knowing and interacting with them enough.

The game offers various options in dialogues, and while some affect your relationships, others don’t really change anything except a sarcastic comment from Alex Before you move on to the next mission, however, the other moments will give you two options that may take a little longer to answer. The effect of these questions changes the story dramatically, and the characters will come back to those moments again as you progress.

To the credit of the development team not to follow the same basic formula that the game depends on throughout the life of the title, as the main chapters are punctuated by a set of changes that are really commendable, both those for mini-games such as the arcade machine in Alex’s room and giving you the opportunity to have a good time and improve your score to rise to the top ranking or game Foosball fun and challenging other characters, or more complex features such as turn-based game elements in a chapter in a way that reflects how well the developer team knows what trends players are liking at the moment and then re-presents them in a simple way that keeps the fun and excitement The address does not lose its identity at the same time.

There is also Alex’s smartphone that lets you interact with the people of a town Haven Springs Better, whether through organized social events, or SMS messages that you get from other characters on a continuous basis according to the situations you lived with them to express their feelings, ignore you and get to know them better, only a set of messages you can read but you do not interact with.

Acceptable fees and an unforgettable soundtrack

The title does not present a technical breakthrough or techniques that deserve to be commended when it comes to the graphic level and character models, the most important feature here is the details that are in the game world and the elements that are in abundance to provide a better appearance in the overall or to interact with them such as comics, music albums and many more, as well as the game has progressed significantly Remarkable with regard to facial expressions and the way the characters interact with events, but unfortunately, this addition is limited only to the main character Alex and a very limited number of her friends, while all other characters suffer from dull feelings and the lack of realistic reactions except for the smile that appears on their faces from time to time , the same is with the somewhat limited animation, which makes most of the characters appear as remote-controlled puppets and lacks realistic motion techniques to a great extent.

When it comes to soundtracks, donate True Colors In that part in a distinctive way, especially since the events of the title clearly touch on the musical taste of the virtual characters from time to time, and with a set of licenses for the most famous artists, and music clips that permeate the cinematic scenes, you will find yourself sitting and enjoying and contemplating the scene around you while the music plays smoothly in the background.

Although the events of the title are contested on PS5However, I encountered a variety of technical problems, most notably the problem of clipping and a drop in frame rate in some situations, and other technical problems such as Alex standing in one of the cinematic scenes in the form of a letter T Without any need for that, the most prominent problem was that the game stopped working suddenly only once, which forced me to exit and restart it again.

I enjoyed the True Colors action more than any previous part of the series, especially with the game focusing on human emotions, a more interesting main character, a plot that made me craving for the end, an interesting narrative style and a choice system that directly influences what happens and offers different endings. The title, however, didn’t offer a dazzling graphic level or huge environments with a chance to roam and explore more freely, not to mention the realism of facial expressions that were limited to specific characters, rudimentary animation, and the sporadic technical issues I encountered from time to time.

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