LG develops technology that surpasses foldable glass

I developed LG Corporation introduces new technologies that can be used in foldable displays using new materials technologies and accumulated coating technologies as it enters the next-generation materials market in earnest.

The company announced that it had developed a cover window for foldable IT devices called Real Folding Window that applied specially developed shell materials to make the surface as hard as glass, while the foldable parts are as flexible as plastic.

Cover windows are made from core materials found on the outside of the IT hardware to protect the screen from impact, while also providing clear images. It has durability, permeability, and curved properties that make it foldable flexibly.

A company spokesperson said: “Unlike existing polyimide films and toughened glass materials, the cover window that implemented LG’s new wrapping technologies increases flexibility, while providing improved solutions for foldable phones such as improvements to chronic problems.”

The Real Folding Window is coated with a new material a few tens of micrometers thick on both sides of the PET film. It is a kind of thin plastic, to enhance the heat resistance and mechanical properties of plastic materials. It is thinner compared to the existing tempered glass and has the same hardness. But there is no cracking across the screen.

Its price competitiveness is superior to that of existing polyimide films. And the durability is maintained even when folded over 200,000 times due to its superior flexibility.

In addition, the company has made significant improvements to the fold lines that occur across the foldable parts of the screen.

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LG develops technology that surpasses foldable glass

Furthermore, the company says that the laminated PET film should work with tablets, laptops and phones with foldable screens as well.

The company identified customer needs such as slimness, clean appearance, and stable folding features. It plans to acquire mass production capabilities by 2022 and start large-scale sales of the product from 2023.

In addition, the company said: “Through Real Folding Window, we were able to get close to solving customer vulnerabilities.” We have received proposals for joint projects from several clients.

She added, “We are strengthening our partnerships with leading companies in the smartphone industry. And we are expanding our market starting with mobile phones. And we’re moving on to new foldable apps like laptops and tablets.

According to the global market intelligence firm, Omdia. The foldable phone market is expected to grow from 3.5 million units in 2020 to 50 million by 2026.

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