Leading companies develop passport applications for the vaccine

Many cities around the world, especially in the United States, have begun to prevent people who have not received a coronavirus vaccine from entering restaurants, parties, and even some workplaces. Here the need arose for a quick way to prove that the vaccine had been received, such as the vaccine passport.

Leading technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung are working on developing solutions to prove that the Corona virus vaccine was obtained electronically, without the need to carry a medical report or paper results.

Although the idea is not difficult or complicated, leading technology companies have previously failed to develop solutions to track people infected with the Corona virus. This has produced a negative impression on her.

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Vaccine passport applications

Tracking applications relied on Bluetooth technology to link the surrounding phones to each other. This is to send a notification to the owner of the phone in the event that his phone is close to the phone of a person infected with the Corona virus, and the results of his analyzes are positive.

And these applications suffered from many problems around the world. These are technical problems, of course. Including slow notifications and poor performance.

Passport vaccine applications are easier to implement, but companies will suffer from the crowded market for these applications in some countries, and on the other hand, both Apple and Google are surrounded by great doubts and concerns regarding privacy.

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Samsung recently announced that Galaxy devices support the electronic vaccine passport feature, where the user will be able to prove that he has received the vaccine based on his phone only, specifically through the CommonHealth application.

These applications and smart solutions may obviate users from using weak and unsafe alternatives. In general, if the passport feature of the vaccine is developed by leading technology companies, either in the form of independent applications or integrated into the system, this will improve the overall use experience.

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This is as these solutions will reduce the process of deception and falsification of the results of the analysis. In addition, it is easy to confirm that the vaccine has been received, given that all users own phones from Google, Samsung, or Apple. And the confirmation process may be done just by scanning the QR code.

These applications must offer a high level of privacy. Also, there is no need to disclose any personal information of the user through the application. It is sufficient to clarify whether the person has received the vaccine or not.

Indeed, Google announced in June that the Android system will be able to save the results of the analysis. While the iOS 15 version expected from Apple’s operating system will offer a similar feature.

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Perhaps the applications and solutions of the passport for the vaccine need more attention from the leading technical companies, in addition to the importance of popularizing its use and providing an easy experience. This is with the development of an advanced system to ensure the correctness of the information. instead of Upload a picture of Mickey Mouse As proof of receiving and accepting the vaccine.

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