Laura Koensberg will step down as BBC political editor on Easter

The broadcaster has confirmed that Laura Koensberg will step down as BBC political editor at Easter and take up a senior reporting and presentation role.

The broadcaster has revealed that Laura Koensberg will be stepping down as BBC political editor at Easter and taking up a high-profile reporting role.

Queensburg, 45, will leave after seven years in the role, having taken the role from Nick Robinson. She became the first female BBC political editor in 2015 and He has covered a frantic period of politics including the Brexit referendum and two general elections.

Her future role with the company has not been revealed, but the BBC has said she will be involved in a range of news and current affairs projects across TV, radio and internet and more details will be announced in the new year.

It was previously said that Queensburg could become a presenter on Radio 4’s flagship Today program as part of a major reshuffle of its over-the-air staff.

However, she was also brought up as a possible replacement for Andrew Marr on his Sunday morning political show.

Marr presented the final episode of his extended political program on Sunday yesterday and left the BBC after 21 years.

There has been speculation that well-respected Laura Kuenssberg, who will step down as BBC political editor next year, wants a role on the Today programme.

“I have been very fortunate to do the best day-to-day reporting job at work, with the best colleagues anyone could possibly wish for,” said Kuenssberg. It has been amazing to take the chair during a time of such a massive change and try to understand it for our viewers, listeners and readers online.

I will miss the daily drama and our wonderful team at Westminster very much. But after nearly seven years and what seemed like decades of headlines, it was time for the next step.

“Anyway, I’m taking a break for Christmas, but there will be a lot of news to come over the next few weeks, while I’m still in the chair until April,” she added.

BBC Director-General Tim Davey said: “Laura has been the BBC’s preeminent political editor during the most turbulent political time in living memory. Her relentless commentary, challenging questioning and clever insight have guided our audience over the past seven years.

She’s a great talker and engaging program presenter, and I’m glad we’re keeping her on our screens and on our airwaves. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

BBC News Director Fran Unsworth, who is also about to step down, said: “Laura is a born journalist who has done an amazing job as a political editor. She is an energetic and assertive tale, one that gets straight to the heart of the issue and knows exactly the right questions to ask.”

Our political coverage would have been immeasurably poorer without Laura as our political editor. We are fortunate to have it.


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