Konami invites club developers to create games based on its classic titles

Konami announces a creative competition called Action & Shooting Game Contest It attracts indie and simple game developers and asks them to make new games based on or taken from the company’s classic titles like Gradius, Ganbare Goemon and many more, from List of 80 classic games selected by the company.

The rules of this competition allow the development of new remakes or parts of these classic games, and they can even choose one character or mechanism from one of these old games or mix different types of classes and mechanisms that appeared in those games.

This cooperation within the framework of competition is likely to result in new products that may be a dream for the player who is waiting to revive his old beloved game in a proper way.

It is worth noting that the competition is sponsored by Konami and organized in cooperation with the Shueisha Game Creators Camp initiative to support game developers. The competition started on September 30 and will continue until January 6, 2022.

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