Konami apologizes for the disastrous launch of eFootball 2022

Yesterday, the eFootball game was officially available all over the world, and within a few hours the game witnessed very negative reactions and a catastrophic launch, and yesterday we conveyed to you these responses and technical problems faced by players, so that the game is ranked first as the worst rated game in the history of the Steam store. After Konami’s silence yesterday, today they respond and apologize deeply for what happened.

Konami acknowledged the backlash and apologized for the disastrous release of the game, in a statement posted by the Japanese company on the game’s official Twitter page. The company has already acknowledged issues with game balance, player movement, facial expressions, and more. After apologizing for all those problems, I confirmed that the game had to be fixed, and it is assumed that it will receive updates periodically starting next week. Konami stated:

We are very sorry for the problems that have appeared, and we want to assure everyone that we will take all our concerns seriously and strive to improve the current situation, the game will be updated continuously, its quality will be improved and content added continuously from next week onwards, we will prepare a new update in October, while We are receiving more opinions through surveys of our users to improve the game in the upcoming period.

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