Joaquin Phoenix is ​​ready for Joker 2 but doesn’t know if it will happen or not

At times, DC faced many stumbles in its cinematic world, which was not as successful as the highly successful Marvel universe, but “Joaquin Phoenix”, during his embodiment of the iconic character in the DC world “Joker”, was able to provide a very distinguished performance, which made him even win the Academy Award as Best Actor for 2019 Despite his willingness to present a sequel to the Joker movie, he does not know whether it will actually happen or not.

During Joaquin’s conversation with The Playlist موقعHe indicated that he does not know whether the Joker 2 movie rumors are true or not, and when asked if he will be participating during the sequel, he stated:

There are a few things we can do with this character that we can explore further, but if we’re really going to do that? Unfortunately I don’t know.

Although Joker director Todd Phillips had stated that the makers of the movie had no plans to make a Joker sequel, earlier this year we got several rumors about a Joker sequel, with some reports even indicating Warner Bros. has signed with Todd Phillips to write a sequel to the 2019 movie.

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