It seems that famous creator Hideo Kojima is looking forward to the new Matrix movie

For some reason, well-known game creator Hideo Kojima teased the new Matrix movie via his official Twitter account.

Stranger Things isn’t a far cry from the iconic Metal Gear Solid creator but this time around it seems he’s decided to step away from the gaming industry entirely to take a minute into the world of movies he so often admires.

The new Matrix movie titled Matrix Resurrections will be released on December 22 this year, and it is the new part of the famous movie series, 18 years after the release of the last movie in the series titled Matrix Revolutions.

Perhaps because of the great enthusiasm surrounding the new movie, the creator decided to ride the enthusiasm train himself as well, as he posted a tweet in which the site participated. What Is the Matrix the official.

But as you might expect, because of this strange gesture from the developer without any comment, after analyzes began to appear in the web, which concludes that he may be involved in making the new movie in one way or another, and it is also possible that he is looking forward to something related to the movie in his current or upcoming games.

It may simply mean that a new official trailer for the film will be released soon.

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