Is Apple building a search engine to compete with Google?

Apple has excelled in a large number of areas, both in software and hardware and hardware development. However, the American giant still has to rely on Google for Internet searches.

There is nothing stopping Apple from developing its own search engine, especially with more than a billion iPhones operating around the world. Along with millions of iPads and MacBooks. Therefore, the company is able to reach a huge number of users once any new service is launched.

In addition, Apple has started in 2020 to show its search results when using the search engine located in the home screen of the iPhone. It is a clear attempt to employ its techniques within this field.

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Apple search engine

The search feature is one of the most important features that any Internet user needs. Google is the most prominent company in providing search services.

Indeed, Google pays Apple between eight and twelve billion dollars annually. In order for its search engine to remain the default search engine for iPhone phones.

However, the antitrust lawsuit initiated by the US Department of Justice has seriously threatened this cooperation. Since Google in this way has a monopoly on search services on iPhone phones. Perhaps the Cupertino giant actually wanted to walk away from Google and cancel this deal.

There is no doubt that it earns large sums of money from Google under this contract, but it keeps it dependent on its rival on an ongoing basis.

And building a new search engine may obviate Apple from cooperating with Google in the first place. On the one hand, on the other hand, Apple needs this technology to train Siri. Not to mention billions in profits when providing search engine advertising.

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Although it’s hard for the two companies to get away with online search, building new technology from scratch is not unusual for Apple. Perhaps the most notable example of this is that it gave up Intel in exchange for developing its own M processors and making them available in the MacBook.

It is reported that the company has more than two hundred billion US dollars in cash, so it is able to fund any research or development. However, building a new search engine takes a lot of time and effort. It suffices that Google employs more than 114,000 people, and a large part of this number is working on the development of the search engine.

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