iPhone 14 may come with 2TB of memory

Apple revealed the iPhone 13 releases several weeks ago, despite this, reports and leaks about the iPhone 14 phones have started to appear. And the tech community expects Apple to make a big change in the upcoming release, especially because previous versions were pretty much the same.

Apple has made many improvements in the iPhone 13 phones, most notably the high refresh rate in the Pro versions. In addition to increasing the internal memory capacity of the phone to reach a full 1 TB in the Pro versions.

According to current reports, the American giant is planning to launch iPhone 14 Pro versions with a storage memory of up to 2 TB of QLC type. That’s while the regular iPhone 14 versions may come with up to 1 TB of memory. This is in light of the fact that no one knows whether Apple will continue to produce “Mini” versions or not.

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Previous reports have indicated the arrival of the iPhone 14 with a different screen design. As Apple may finally give up the top notch – which is known as the notch – in exchange for adding a front camera in the middle of the screen as we see in Android phones.

If this happens, the Face ID system for facial recognition will also disappear, and then Apple will have two options, the first is to add a fingerprint sensor built into the screen, or add a sensor in the power button. Or offer the first option in the Pro versions and the second option in the regular version.

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iPhone 14 comes with a memory capacity of 2 TB

Apple started offering large storage capacities since this year to solve the problem of huge space for videos. As iPhone phones in general are distinguished by their distinctive capabilities in video recording. And with new features like ProRes and Cinematic Mode, the user needs more space.

This was shown in the options that Apple offers to users of the iPhone 13 versions. The iPhone 13 Pro with a memory of 265 GB or greater is able to shoot videos with ProRes technology and 4K resolution with 30 frames per second.

So while you have the same phone but with 128GB of memory, the camera app will not allow you to shoot in 4K resolution from the ground up with ProRes technology and the maximum resolution available is 1080p which is also known as FHD.

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Although the information so far is still not reliable, there is nothing to prevent Apple from providing an internal space of 2 TB. Especially in light of the technological progress we are currently experiencing. In addition to Apple’s good relations with suppliers of internal memory.

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