iOS 15 tricks to use as soon as it’s released

There is a new set of iOS 15 tricks that Apple includes for its new system to make using the phone easier and more enjoyable.

And Apple works every year with the new version of its system to launch new tricks that make you feel the difference in the system and the evolution that happened to it.

These tricks differ from the great features that the company includes in the system, as the tricks offer quick and simple uses for it.

So here are some of the most important new iOS 15 tricks:

Use translation at any time

iOS has a powerful translation app you can rely on, and it searches all language dictionaries.

This is so that you can access the meanings of words and the correct linguistic structures in the languages ​​you prefer.

You can choose the language you want to translate into, whether it is Arabic or English.

In iOS 15, you can translate any text that appears in front of you as long as you are able to select it.

By selecting the text and pressing it for a long time, as if you were copying the text, but a new button appears in front of you called Translate.

And when you hit the translate button, it sends the text to Apple, so they can translate it and send it back to you.

Monitor App Activities in iOS 15

Apple is always expanding with each new release of iOS in privacy and app monitoring features.

This time it includes a full app activity report, which includes app activity for the past 7 days.

In this report, you can also see which apps have used different permissions on your device.

This is like the permissions to access the place or the permissions to use the microphone, and so on.

You can access the report directly by going to system settings, then privacy settings, and then activity reports.

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Share content and photos via Siri

Siri, the personal assistant for Apple devices, is developing rapidly, due to the development of its own artificial intelligence technologies.

Beginning with iOS 15, you can ask Siri to share the content you like and send it to your friends without any interference from you.

So you can ask Siri to send the content you’re watching to Person A so you can send it to them without your intervention.

And Siri shares the same content link if the content is in an Apple app.

And if it’s in an app other than Apple’s, Siri sends a screenshot of the content to that person.

Siri automatically takes the snapshot and sends it to the user you want to share with, and then automatically deletes that snapshot without your intervention.

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