iOS 15 is now installed on 20% of iPhones

Only two or three weeks have passed since the launch of the iPhone 14 and the fifteenth version of the iOS system. However, the system has succeeded in reaching nearly 20% of all supported iPhone phones in this short period.

This is according to data provided by Mixpanel, which tracks market research and technical product developments. What is interesting is that the new system has arrived for very old phones such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and others.

Apple clearly outperforms when it comes to software updates in general, and iOS updates in particular. This is shown in examples such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, as these phones were launched in 2015 and 2016 respectively, although after all those years have passed, they still support the latest iOS versions.

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It is no secret to anyone that the same situation is not repeated in Android phones. Since only Google Pixel phones have been receiving major updates for more than three years, and even this is not repeated anymore. With most – if not all – Android phones getting only three major updates.

On the other hand, the iOS 15 update came loaded with a large number of new features and features, as usual with Apple. A number of software problems and errors have appeared in it that have been repeated by a large number of users, but Apple has begun to solve them.

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iOS 15 reaches 20% of iPhone phones

The new system has received significant improvements related to the notification area in particular, and the notification system in the phone in general. Where the user can block the notifications of a certain group of applications at certain times.

This feature is very useful. This is because anyone can set a custom mode for work and once activated, the notifications of entertainment apps are blocked. The system also improved the size of application icons to facilitate access to them, in addition to the notification summary feature, which allows the user to receive a summary of the notifications he missed when he activated the aforementioned notification blocking feature.

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Apple also made it clear that iPhone phones rely on artificial intelligence built into the operating system to arrange notifications in order of importance, as well as the permanent arrival of emergency calls and text messages to the user.

The new version of Apple Maps has improved, especially in terms of 3D navigation. In addition to all this, the most important feature that receives attention is the feature to prevent applications from tracking you, which sparked the war between Apple and Facebook.

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