Install Google Assistant on Samsung Smart Watches

Old Samsung smartwatches use Bixby, as do Samsung smartphones.

But Samsung recently started giving up its Bixby smart assistant, and the Google Voice Assistant has more features, and this is what drives many to use it.

And you can’t install the Google Voice Assistant directly in Samsung smartwatches, because the watches use Samsung’s Tizen system.

That changed with the Galaxy Watch 4, which now uses a hybrid system between Google and Samsung, but the older watches still use Tizen.

And you can install the Google Voice Assistant and use it with Samsung smartwatches through an indirect method that we mention to you today.

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Steps to install Google Voice Assistant on Samsung smartwatches

This method basically relies on installing an external app called G-Voice, and this app allows you to access Google Assistant services.

You can install the free version of the application without the need for the paid version at first, as the free version offers the main advantages of using the Google Assistant.

You can access the app by searching for it in the Galaxy App Store or via Click on the following link.

After installing the application, you must launch it and log in to your Google account.

And you can press a button later if you want to use the assistant without customizing your experience.

You must also use the Google Voice Assistant on your phone, which means installing the app and using it as the main assistant on the phone.

This method is easier than the old methods, where in the past you needed to get a private key for your Google account.

After that, this key was combined with the smartwatch application and the accompanying phone application, and this process required many steps.

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Using Google Assistant with Galaxy Watches 4 and later

At a recent event, Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 4, making it the first Samsung smartwatch to use the modified Wear OS.

You don’t need to install any third-party app on this watch or later to use the Google Assistant.

This is because the watches use the assistant automatically, and you can access the Google Play Store as well through it.

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