Instagram influencers pay to get their banned accounts back

Thousands of users around the world rely on platform Instagram as a major source of income. These people’s accounts are exposed to any problems that may prevent them from continuing to work, so they are willing to do anything to maintain their accounts.

Instagram bans dozens of accounts every day for many reasons. Among these accounts was the ShagMag account, which is owned by one of the Internet celebrities and influencers. The account was banned for posting inappropriate content and violating Instagram and Facebook rules.

The owner of the account stated that she tried to contact Instagram more than once to appeal this decision. However, the platform did not respond to it.

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Recover Banned Instagram Accounts

More than one influencer on the platform experienced similar problems, and as mentioned above, a large number of these influencers rely on the platform mainly. Losing their accounts means losing their livelihood.

After several attempts, the owner of the banned account was able to contact someone who was able to get her account back. As I mentioned, this person was related to one of the moderators at Facebook, which as we know owns the Instagram platform.

This person told her that he could completely unblock and restore her account, as well as recover her personal account, which was also banned, in exchange for $65,000 and a 2.5% stake in her company. He also shared an official contract with her from a Florida company.

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The influencer rejected this offer, and in general, this is not the first time we have heard of people being able to recover banned accounts or pages. Perhaps these people are more specialized in recovering accounts that have been blocked due to pornographic content or drug promotion.

Many people in this field claim to be able to recover banned accounts, although a large part of them cannot and claim that it is only a fraud. However, sources have confirmed that there are people who are actually able to do so.

One influencer and content creator on the platform stated that these people are really real. And that the restoration of banned Instagram accounts is something that can be done in exchange for an amount of money and immediately, and it seems that the matter is known and spread among the community of content makers already.

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And Facebook stated, through its official spokesperson, that if the company knew that an employee uses his powers in such acts, it will punish him severely. However, the company did not deny or confirm its knowledge of these acts. She also emphasized that content creators must comply by rules Posting on the platform.

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