Instagram asks you for your birthday when you open the app

start platform Instagram prompts users to share their birthday with the service, if they don’t. And the company announced that it is now starting to show a notification asking you to add your date of birth to personalize your experience. But the notice can only be denied a few times before it becomes a requirement.

The company explains that the move is part of its larger goal to create new security features aimed at younger users.

This includes the teen privacy protections introduced earlier this year, as well as its long-term plan to launch a version of its service aimed at users under the age of 13.

In March, the platform rolled out new features that made it difficult for adults to contact teens through its app.

Then, in July, the company announced a larger series of changes to the default settings for new users under the age of 16.

These users’ accounts are now private by default and limit their account being suggested anywhere else in the app.

It also now restricts adults whose accounts have been flagged as potentially suspicious from being able to reach other minors or interact with their posts.

Starting this week, the platform says that users who haven’t yet shared their birthday start seeing pop-up notifications when they open the app.

These notifications appear multiple times. But at some point, users will no longer be able to ignore the message by clicking Not Now.

Instead, everyone is asked to share their birthday to continue using the platform.

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Instagram asks you for your birthday when you open the app

The company now also asks you to share your birthday information when you come across a post with a warning screen.

Although these screens, which hide content that has been flagged as sensitive, are not new. But the platform has not previously requested the user’s birthday before displaying the hidden content.

Kids have been known to lie on these entry forms to bypass restrictions when signing up for apps.

In this regard, the platform has developed artificial intelligence technology to help it identify accounts that may contain false birth dates.

For example, the platform may be able to infer someone’s date of birth based on comments written within Happy Birthday posts, where a user’s age may be indicated.

The company is also hinting at other plans in this area, noting that it later asks users to verify their ages when Facebook technology determines a mismatch between a user’s submitted age and what appears to be their real age, based on other signals.

Instagram says this technology is still in the early stages. But it does include a list of options that allow someone to verify their age.

Age remains an important data point for ad targeting. Even as the platform reduces the ability of marketers to target teens using interest data or their activity across other apps, it continues to allow ads to be targeted based on age, gender, and location across age groups.

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