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In the mouth of madness.. when the narration exceeds the authority of the writer himself

▪️ The wonderful “In the Mouth of Madness” is a psychological thriller and drama .. horror and mystery .. directed by “John Carpenter” in 1995 and starring “Sam Neill” and “Julie Carmen” .. The film is the final part of what The director called it the “Prophetic Vision Trilogy” after the two masterpieces “The Thing” in 1982 and the movie “Prince des ténèbres” in 1987. He builds his events from the worlds of famous authors in the field of horror such as “Stephen King” and “Howard Phillips Lovecraft” without quoting from Any of their works and the title of the film is taken from the name of one of the most famous “Lovecraft” stories, which bears the name “At the Mountains of Madness,” where we see madness playing a very great role in the film, as are the “Lovecraft” novels.. We see a gradual passage of his deep imaginative thoughts towards the world of nightmares from Ancient and forgotten entities waiting for their time to destroy humanity, although he did not quote literally from the writer’s stories, “Carpenter” has incorporated the style of this famous novelist into cinema in one way or another.

🔸 The film tells its story about a private investigator, an expert in mysterious cases, called “John Torrent”, who is summoned by the owner of a publishing house to investigate the disappearance of the famous horror writer “Sater Kane” before he completes his last novel.. With the investigator beginning to track his trail to find out where and How he disappeared by assembling the covers of his novels suddenly discovers a mysterious unmapped city called “Hobbs End” in the remote state of (New England), this city, which he initially thought was just a fictional place in the novels of “Sutter”, but he soon discovers that the wall that His separation between reality and fantasy has faded and shrouded in fog when he faces many strange and supernatural incidents that may change his life forever.

▪️ The film takes a satirical look at the relationship between the writer and the readers in general..but in a shocking and profound manner, as soon as you realize that through his story and his characters..the director filled the empty corners and mastered by dyeing them with mythical creatures and places, scenes of violence and terrifying attitudes towards His idea that can create and cause psychological effects that may cause the viewer to lose contact with his reality.. The presence of the famous novelist “Lovecraft” is apparent beginning with the opening that explains the imprisonment of the hero in a mental institution with a quick and dense presentation of the events of the story in a flashback manner, is a technique and A common and usual method for the novelist .. and the quick reference to ancient beings “Old Ones” that refer to elves, as well as some “Lovecraft” characters in the novel, such as “Mrs. Beckman” .. There is a direct cooperation on the screen between the two stories in a hidden way, such as writings.” Sutter Kane” and the touches of the famous novelist “Lovecraft”.

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