HTC Vive Flow Officially Announced Virtual Reality Glasses Like Sunglasses

A new virtual reality headset, HTC Vive Flow, has been officially announced, a transitional glasses that have a design similar to regular sunglasses.

The glasses are very light in weight to be really comfortable sunglasses on the eye, but they are relatively larger in size than what you are used to from the shapes and sizes of sunglasses, and when you wear them, you will notice a frame surrounding each eye to prevent the passage of light so as not to be confused during the experiment.

The glasses derive their power from an external power case via a USB-C cable, and inside the glasses there is a pair of innovative lenses specifically to fit this small size and different from what you usually find in traditional glasses, but in return it does not allow a field of view of more than 100 degrees.

In addition, there is a pair of 1,600 x 1,600 display that supports a 60Hz refresh rate, a Qualcomm XR One processor chip, and a cooling fan. Your smartphone as a controller.

One of the specifications of these glasses does not seem to be intended for use as a daily game, as it is not able to connect with computers via a USB-C cable and does not have strong capabilities to play the largest virtual reality games, but it seems more suitable for other uses.

HTC Vive Flow is available for purchase in November at a price of $500 including a carrying case but no power bank, and pre-order is available today.

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