How Twitter communities can change the rules of the game across the platform

Social media platforms have provided a lot to humanity, as these platforms have provided an interactive environment for communication between users, in addition to being a means of knowing world news and developments, and perhaps Twitter is one of the most prominent of these platforms.

However, social media platforms have had many problems. Perhaps one of those problems It is the “breakdown of context”. It is a problem that occurs when you gather a large number of people in one place. With these people being completely different in every respect. Including the level of culture, education, urbanization, and others.

Because people are so different, especially on a platform like Twitter, it often happens that users disagree about certain information. It also happens that they criticize each other or attack each other because of differing opinions and ideas.

This problem appears strongly on Twitter. It is the platform that can be described as a “global chat room”. Because Twitter mostly relies on posting textual content. Tweets are usually surrounded by multiple responses, especially celebrity tweets. The divergence between opinions and ideas is evident in these responses. In addition to sarcasm and bullying.

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Twitter communities

The property of communities comes to solve these problems. It serves to bring together users who are interested in certain fields with each other.

Twitter communities work similarly to groups on Facebook, in that Tweets users post within communities do not appear on their profiles or on the platform’s home pages. Only show to community members.

In general, Tweets within communities are categorized as public tweets. But, as mentioned above, it appears only to members of the same community. There is no doubt that this feature will solve many known problems of the Twitter platform. Which led some to describe it as more like by hell.

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As mentioned earlier, the main reasons for the release of this feature are to solve the problems of users’ disagreement about a particular conversation topic. But it plays an important role in curbing annoying spam as well.

Communities play an important role in bringing together users who are interested in uncommon areas. Such as NFT domains or cryptocurrencies.

Users interested in cryptocurrency in general suffer from bots, which invade any tweet related to NFT technologies or cryptocurrencies with a barrage of misleading comments mainly intended for scams. For example, most of the tweets with the word Metamask get a large number of automated responses that try to mislead and defraud users. Note that Metamask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet.

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Communities related to these areas begin to emerge. For example, the cryptocurrency community will be managed by Josh Ong, who has more than 40,000 followers on Twitter.

New societies solve the problems of bullying and ridicule. An example of this is the “Shawty Astrology” account, which is interested in the zodiac, which has 111,000 followers. The owner of this account will run a community dedicated to the constellations in which content will be posted instead of publicly.

A community dedicated to dogs will also be managed and rated by the We Rate Dogs account holder who has 9 million followers.

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