How to view photo information in iOS 15

All photos retain information about their location, the location they were taken at, and the type of camera that was used, and you can view this information in iOS 15.

This information is useful for checking photos in general or knowing their necessary details, as professional photographers use it frequently.

This data is known as MetaData, and you needed third-party applications to be able to access it previously.

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View photo information via iOS 15

Apple keeps image information in a special abb file or, in some cases, Exif format.

Exif is an image format that contains their data, and AAB is an external file format that is held alongside images.

You can view MetaData information related to different images by following these steps:

Head to the Photos app, then choose the image you want to view, and then tap on the image again to view the image details through the app.

Then swipe up the screen until you see all the data related to the image, where and when it was taken.

You can press the Adjust button to adjust the time, date, or location of the photo.

This information or data does not give you any additional details except for the type of camera or phone on which the photo was taken.

Therefore, it is a tool for collecting and recording information and making phones and search engines recognize images better only.

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Photos app updates

The Photos app didn’t get a lot of updates in iOS 15, but Apple just added a new special section called What’s Shared With You.

This is to display all the photos that have been shared with you by other users via Apple apps.

Where it becomes easier to access and without the need to open messaging applications on the phone.

The Photos app from Apple is a good app that does not need an interface update or other updates, because it was recently updated when iOS 14 was released.

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