How to Use Shared Mode in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams platform has become one of the most important platforms for remote work, due to the features and facilities it provides to be able to manage the work team.

The platform is working hard to add more features to make its use better, and even convey the feeling of working together in an office but by default.

The platform added a new shared mode feature in group video chats, to change the way participants view the conversation.

The shared mode feature changes the usual grid view of the participants, becoming more interactive in order to make conversations more interesting.

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Using Shared Mode in Microsoft Teams

Using Shared Mode in Microsoft Teams You can access Shared Mode in Microsoft Teams through its version of the site, and it only provides one scene.

The shared mode feature is still under development, so it may stop working or turn off on its own.

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You can access this feature by following these steps:

Go to Times siteAfter that, log in to your account in the service.

Then tap Start meeting now or join an existing meeting.

Then click on the three dots in the control bar within the meeting.

How to Use Shared Mode in Microsoft Teams

And choose the Shared Mode feature from the pop-up menu that appears to you, and next to it you will find a note that it is still under trial.

The network of participants is changed to resemble an auditorium or a sports hall, and each participant is placed in his own seat.

The new view is not visible to all meeting participants, so each user must enable this feature on their device if they want to use it.

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Thames and Windows 11

Microsoft announced the official launch date of Windows 11 on October 5.

The company is working hard to fully integrate Microsoft Teams into Windows.

The company made it the official app for video chatting on Windows 11.

It has also added a separate app for quick chat within the Teams network.

Thus, Microsoft has abandoned the Skype application, and may cancel support for it permanently in the coming days, as it did with many other applications.

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