How to upload photos to Instagram via computer

Instagram launched a new update in June 2021 that allows computer users to upload photos and videos to the platform directly via the PC.

Many users of the platform have requested this feature, as it helps them in their work and publish clips directly from the computer without placing them on the phone.

This update is still under testing, as it has not yet reached all users of the platform, but here is how to use it before it reaches you.

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Upload photos to Instagram via computer directly

The platform has not yet announced when the feature will be officially launched to all users, and it says that it is testing the new feature at random.

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But if you received the update and you are a subscriber in the trial period, you can upload photos directly by following these steps:

Head to the main page of the platform through your main browser, and then click on the extension sign in the top bar.

And if you are one of the participants in the test by the platform, you will see an option to add new photos.

You can search for new images via the file browser or drag and drop the images directly into the upload box.

After choosing the image, the platform allows you to adjust its size, so that it fits phones, is square or crosswise.

After that, press the Next button until the platform offers you the ability to modify the images and change them a little, where you can tamper with the degrees of brightness, lighting, and others.

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In the next step, you can add the text of your image and some details of the image such as alternative text, image location, and other things.

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How to upload photos to Instagram via computer

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The new update from the platform on the computer is similar to the interface for uploading and modifying images over the phone.

So you can edit your photos very quickly and simply without having to use a specialized photo editing app.

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