How to upload and share a Google Photos album

Google is working hard to try to keep you within its various services, and these services include the Google Photos album, which is responsible for managing photos in Android.

Google benefits from you staying in its integrated system, where it can collect more information about you, and thus more ads and opportunities to personalize those ads.

Therefore, the Google Photos application provides a range of services to its users, so that they do not dispense with it or replace it.

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Share a Google Photos album

You can share your Google Photos album via a share link, email the album, or share it on social media.

You can do this by following these steps:

Go to Google Photos, The site contains a copy of your photos stored in the service and you can manage them through it.

Then tap the three dots next to the album you want to share, and choose Share Album.

How to upload and share a Google Photos album

A sharing box appears, where you can choose if you want to send the album link, get a shareable link, or share it on social media platforms such as Facebook.

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Download images from the service

The way to upload photos from Google Photos varies depending on the number of photos or albums you want to upload.

You can download only one album from the service by following these steps:

Head to the service’s website, and then click on the album you want to download.

Then go inside the album to the three dots at the top of the album and click on it.

When the new pop-up menu appears, choose to upload all the photos in the album.

Then choose where to save the downloaded images as you wish on your device, this method also works for one particular image upload.

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If you want to download all the albums or photos you have stored in Google Photos, you need to go to the Google data download site.

You can follow the method we mentioned earlier in our article here: Transfer photos from Google Photos to iCloud, but without transferring photos to any other service.

And you can upload photos via the Google Photos app on Android phones.

But you need to select images manually instead of pressing a single button.

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