How to unsubscribe from YouTube TV

The YouTube TV service comes through the YouTube platform and its applications itself, and the service displays a set of its own series.

At the beginning of its launch, the service was characterized by the quality of the content and the low subscription price, which prompted many to subscribe to it.

However, with the proliferation of diverse content streaming services and the increase in competition in this field, YouTube TV is not offering the right value.

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Steps to unsubscribe from YouTube TV

The easiest way to unsubscribe from the service is by going to the service’s desktop site.

And then click on your profile picture to go to the settings page, and then choose settings from the menu.

After that, you click on the list of subscriptions, and click on the “Manage Subscription” button in front of the subscription you wish to cancel.

The Platform may attempt to maintain you as its user by offering to pause subscription for a period specified by you.

You can press the cancel button in front of its selection in the new menu that appears in front of you.

After that, the platform asks you to choose the reason for cancellation, and the platform presents you with a wide range of reasons for cancellation, such as prices, content quality and technical problems.

How to unsubscribe from YouTube TV

When you choose the reason for your cancellation, click on Complete cancellation, and the platform then shows you the subscriptions that you cancel and how long the subscription works before it stops.

How to unsubscribe from YouTube TV

And you can cancel the subscription by following the same steps from the mobile phone, but the method via the computer is faster and easier.

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YouTube offers a variety of different subscriptions that you can subscribe to to get additional services.

It offers you a Youtube Music subscription, which works as an alternative music streaming service to Spotify or Anghami.

You can also subscribe to paid YouTube services together, in order to bypass ads while watching YouTube clips and enjoy some additional features.

The YouTube platform offers suitable subscription prices for all users around the world, as a country offers you a price different from other countries and appropriate for its currency.

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