How to transfer the contents of a YouTube account to a new account

YouTube has become one of the most important video and content sharing platforms on the Internet, because it contains millions of clips of interest to everyone.

The platform also gets millions of visits per day, which makes it one of the largest sites in terms of visits on the Internet.

Therefore, you find that your account contains some things that you do not want to lose, such as playlists and tracks that you liked.

You can easily transfer the contents of your YouTube account to a new account, in order to avoid any problems on your old account.

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Move your YouTube subscription list

Your subscription list contains all the channels you’ve subscribed to since your account was created, so if your account is a bit old, that means thousands of channels.

There is no automatic way to transfer subscriptions from the old account to the new account, as you need to subscribe to each channel manually.

You can access your subscription list through more than one method, either through the platform’s website or by downloading a text file containing links to all channels.

You can access this list through your YouTube account by pressing the Subscriptions button and then Manage Subscriptions.

This button shows you a list of all the channels that you have subscribed to, so that you can subscribe to them again through the new account.

You can get a list in a CSV file containing the channel links, via the Takeout feature.

You can access the Takeout feature by clicking on your profile picture in the old account and then your YouTube data.

How to transfer the contents of a YouTube account to a new account

This choice will take you to another site that displays all the data related to you on the platform, and then click on Show More to find the option to upload your data to the platform.

When you click on the Upload YouTube Data About You button, the site shows you a list of data that you can upload. You can view this list by clicking on YouTube data, and then select Subscriptions only.

This option uploads a CSV file containing a list of links to channels you have previously subscribed to.

You can go to these links through your new account and subscribe again, and this is the official way from YouTube to transfer subscriptions.

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Move playlists

Moving playlists is a little easier than moving a subscription list, as you just need to make the playlist public.

Then you copy the playlist link to your new YouTube account, and add that list to your playlists.

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