How to take screenshot on Samsung watch

Samsung launched its new smartwatch, Galaxy Watch 4, a short time ago, and it is the first smartwatch from Samsung to use Google Wear OS.

Wear OS is slightly different from Samsung’s old Tizen, so the way you take a screenshot is different as well.

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How to take screenshot on Samsung watch

You can capture the screen of the new Samsung watch by using the buttons on the screen, and then automatically find the image in the Android phone associated with the watch without the need to transfer it manually.

You can capture the screen by following these steps:

Prepare what you want to capture on the watch screen, and then quickly press the top watch button and then the bottom watch button, until you find the screen lit white.

Then go to your phone to find an alert that the screenshots have been saved to the phone.

And you can find the screenshot image stored in the Google Photos app, because the watch uses the Google system.

And you can simply share the image via the Google Photos app or through any social networking app you prefer to rely on.

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The most important features of the new watch

The new Samsung watch offers a variety of features that resulted from the use of the Google watch operating system.

The watch is now able to use the Google Play Store for watches and download applications directly through it.

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You can also connect the watch to all Android phones without the need for the Samsung Smart Watch application.

The watch also benefits from Google’s extensive library of diverse applications that offer a range of unique features.

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The watch uses the latest Samsung watch processor, so you can expect far better performance than older watches.

And you can use the Google Voice Assistant directly through the watch without the need to install any external applications, but you must use it on your phone as well.

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