How to skip Tik Tok clips and repeat the clip

be the most clips tik tok Short, with the largest segment being no more than a few minutes long.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t need to skip to a certain point in the clip, play the clip more quickly, or redo a certain part of the clip.

Therefore, the platform has added a new feature that allows you to skip within Tik Tok clips and move to a specific point.

The feature is not yet available for all users and all clips, as it appears to only work for long clips.

However, the feature is expected to become available to all segments and users at a later time.

This method works through the Tik Tok application in phones, and it has not yet reached the website version of the application, as everyone relies on the phone application more than the site.

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Steps to skip in Tik Tok clips

You can follow the steps below to be able to skip, speed up, or rewind clips.

Head to the clip you want to watch, and then look under the clip to see a white bar that moves as the clip progresses.

At the end of this bar there is a small white dot, and you can click on this dot to control the progress of the bar.

How to skip Tik Tok clips and repeat the clip

When you start moving the tape, you will find the minute and seconds counter of the clip appears in front of you, and you can move the clip forward or backward as you wish.

And you can leave this point when you go to the point you want, so if you want to reach the 30 second in the clip, move the bar until 30 seconds appear.

And then leave the tape to find yourself at the 30th second inside the clip.

The way that skipping works in Tik Tok clips is not different from that of YouTube or various video applications.

You can also download the clip to your phone and control it as you wish, where you can speed up or slow down the clip as you wish.

This step is one of the steps that Tik Tok is taking in order to turn into a complete video sharing platform and compete with YouTube and other companies.

Tik Tok has managed to get a higher viewership than YouTube recently due to the very large spread of the platform.

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