How to run Windows 11 via a web browser

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 11 for eligible devices starting October 5th.

This comes after the release of the preview version for registered members of the Windows Insider program during the previous period. However, even if you are not a member of the program, you can now experience the operating system directly via the web browser on your computer without having to register for the program or wait until the official launch date.

Run Windows 11 via a web browser

A software developer called BlueEdge has developed an interactive website that allows you to experience the operation of the system directly through your computer’s web browser.

All you have to do is visit the website via this Link. And then enter the computer password to start exploring the new operating system.

The website provides only a demonstration of the basic features that Microsoft has introduced into the operating system.

The interactive website supports quite a few applications such as Microsoft Edge, Notepad, Spotify, Terminal, VScode and the updated Microsoft Store.

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In addition, you can also check the start menu and search interface. This site offers you to explore the operating system via a web browser only.

There is no installation of any code or application, the interactive website is mainly developed in order to get a good idea of ​​what Windows 11 looks like.

The developer has developed a cross-platform interactive website React He licensed it under the Creative Commons License Policy.

But it is not known yet the company’s reaction to this matter, and whether it resorted to stopping it due to copyright infringement or not.

The developer plans to add more Windows 11 features to the interactive website. This includes the redesigned File Explorer and possibly the Settings app.

It is worth noting that Microsoft recently announced the relaunch of the PC Health Check application again. Which helps you find out if the hardware you are using meets the requirements to run the new system. This is instead of using an unofficial app or tool that may infect the device with viruses and malware.

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