How to remove malware from infected computers

Many malware that infects PCs come in different shapes and sizes, including viruses, ransomware, click-loggers, and more.

If you experience unexpected behavior on your computer, it most likely means that your computer has been infected with malware, and here’s what to do.

Remove malware from your computer

The first step that you should do is to watch for signs that your computer is infected with a malware.

This includes slower performance, lots of web browser pop-ups, and apps that keep crashing.

If you see such indications, you should perform a comprehensive scan of the operating system with an antivirus program.

This is always the first step in getting rid of malware and viruses.

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Dealing with specific threats

If your computer shows symptoms such as a message with a specific error code, perform a web search for more information.

Depending on what your scan tells you, you can consider disconnecting your computer’s Internet connection to prevent malware from spreading. In addition, you can turn off the computer completely to protect your files from infection.

Use of external applications

If the problem persists even after performing the scan, you can use specialized software for this such as the app Microsoft Safety Scanner And Malwarebytes. Which works more comprehensively in the search for malware.

The reason for using such applications is that some types of malware may prevent normal security applications from working properly.

It may block your access to the web. But these applications are able to detect the problem and deal with it.

Delete apps and reset the computer

If the problem persists, this leaves you with two options, one of which is to remove your browser extensions and uninstall any app you don’t need.

The most drastic procedure is to reset your computer to factory mode settings. And reinstall the operating system again.

Although this leads to the deletion of all your personal files. But this method is effective in deleting malicious and unwanted software at the same time.

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