How to leave a message on the MacBook lock screen

MacBook computers use the lock screen in a similar way to other operating systems, as this screen displays the accounts on it.

You can leave a welcome or warning message as you prefer on the lock screen of your computer, and through this message you can direct users to a specific account to log into it.

You can also use this message to leave alerts to your children, for example, not to use the computer or leave an alert for employees and visitors, and you can use this feature as you wish.

How to put a message on the MacBook lock screen

Mac doesn’t force you to send a certain type of message or certain information to leave in this message.

You can leave phone numbers to call in case the device is lost, for example, but the total message size should not exceed 204 characters.

You can place the message by following these steps:

Head to the Apple tab in the top bar, and then choose System Settings.

How to leave a message on the MacBook lock screen

After that, go to the security and privacy settings, and then remove the lock by verifying your identity.

You’ll find an option called Show a message when the screen is locked and next to it is a button called Add message.

Press the button to be able to enter the message you want, and then press OK and restart the device.

And when the device returns to work again, you will find in front of you the message that you entered.

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Launching the new system

Apple announced its annual conference on September 14, and the company is expected to launch the new system for MacBook devices under the name Monterey.

The Monterey system comes with a new set of features for Mac computers to facilitate the use of the devices and make the most of them.

The system offers a general hardware control feature, where you can control more than one Mac with a single keyboard and mouse.

You can also control iPad devices through this feature and transfer content between these devices easily.

You can learn about the devices that get the Monterey system through this article.

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