How to delete all photos from iPhone

iPhone phones come with a fixed internal memory space that cannot be increased or tampered with, so this space is quickly filled up due to the many photos taken on the phone.

A full phone memory greatly affects the performance of the phone, as the phone may become slower or stop working due to the full memory.

The full memory also hinders the process of updating the phone and installing new updates for it, so you must periodically get rid of duplicate or unwanted photos to preserve your phone’s memory.

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You can delete all photos from the phone by following one of the following methods:

Locate and delete photos on iPhone

How to delete all photos from iPhone

Apple has removed the Select All Photos button, which has made the process of deleting photos a little more difficult than in the past.

But instead of using the Select All Photos button, Apple has added a new feature that allows you to quickly select the photos you want.

You can use the new method by pressing the selection button at the top, and then moving your finger quickly over the images.

And you have to move the finger from right to left or from bottom to top quickly without standing.

This movement differs from standing over images and clicking on them until you view them or edit them.

This trick helps you to identify thousands of photos in just a few seconds, and after you have finished selecting the photos you want to delete.

You can press the delete button at the top of the photos page, to show you a confirmation of the number of photos that are being deleted.

And you can repeat this method in all photo albums on the iPhone, where you can go to a photo album for a specific date and delete photos through it.

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Delete photos on mac computer

How to delete all photos from iPhone

If you own a MacBook, you can delete all photos from your iPhone easily.

And you can rely on the sync service provided by the iCloud platform to be able to delete photos via Mac directly.

So, head to your computer’s Pictures folder, and then select all the pictures in it and delete them all with the click of a button.

And you can connect your iPhone to the computer and delete the photos from its memory, in case you did not activate the iCloud sync between the two devices.

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