How to calibrate Google Maps to get better results

Google Maps uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS, among other features, to find out where you are. and provide instructions on how to get to where you want to go when commuting.

To get the best results, you should activate the calibration feature on the phone to help the service get the best data for locations and directions to improve search results.

Calibrate Google Maps in Smartphone

The search results for locations and directions are very good, and they help you determine the destination or location almost exactly. However, you will find from time to time that the accuracy of the Sites may be much lower than that.

This decrease in accuracy often occurs when the compass feature of your phone is misaligned. Which requires you to fix it. To do this, follow these steps:

On the iPhone

  • Open the Settings app and then select the Privacy option.
  • Click on the Location Services option.
  • Select the System Services option.
  • Toggle the button next to the Compass Calibration option to On.

How to calibrate Google Maps to get better results

In an Android phone

  • Open the Settings app and then select the Location option.
  • Toggle the button next to the location option to On.
  • Click on the option to improve accuracy.
  • Toggle the button next to Check Wireless Network and Check Bluetooth to On.

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Tips to improve the accuracy of results in Google Maps

Calibrating the compass in your smartphone is not the only way to improve the accuracy of the results, as there are several other methods that you can apply, including:

  • Turn on the wireless network connection.
  • activation Precise location feature in iPhone. that provide accurate results or use an approximate location that provides more privacy.
  • Turn location services off and on. This method erases any old data in the Google Maps app and replaces it with new data.
  • Rebooting the phone, which erases all your old and temporary information and provides new data which helps Google Maps provide you with accurate results.
  • Operating system update, which brings new features and bug fixes, which helps improve the accuracy of your location data in Google Maps.

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