How Microsoft made updating Windows 11 easy

The process of updating previous versions of the Windows operating system was very heavy and distracting, but with the release of Windows 11, Microsoft changed the way it handled updates, by improving the update process that now supports artificial intelligence.

Windows 11 update process made easy

According to the company, Windows 11 updates are made up to 40 percent smaller. This is done by making the update process smart.

This means that when a new update is available, the system checks for the update files online. And find out what files are already in the current system.

Therefore, the update process will only download the parts of the update that are not on the current system, and this will not only reduce the size of the updates. It also increases its reliability by eliminating duplicate files.

In addition, Windows 11 updates will consume less activity in the background, which should save battery life.

The company has reduced background refresh activity by only compiling default apps.

As a result, all other pre-installed non-default applications are dormant, and are loaded when the user needs them.

The company has also supported the update with artificial intelligence and as a result the operating system will not bother you about installing updates during normal use.

This is done through the operating system’s use of a smart update scheduler, which will only install updates when you are not using the computer.

The Active Hours option is set to Automatic by default depending on your computer usage.

The release of the new Windows operating system version

It is worth noting that Microsoft is releasing the version of the operating system Windows 11 starting from the fifth of this month. The new operating system is available as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs, or on new devices that come with Windows 11 preinstalled.

AndShows Aaron Woodman, General Manager of Windows Marketing, Microsoft: We’ve learned a lot from Windows 10, so we want to make sure we’re giving you the best possible experience, and we expect all eligible devices to get the free upgrade by mid-2022.

You can also check to see if your device is eligible for an upgrade by visiting the update page via Settings, or using an app Microsoft Health Check.

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