How cybercriminals exploit QR codes to carry out attacks

QR codes are used as the main tool for contactless data sharing, and provide instant access to information such as websites.

Allow users to log into Wi-Fi networks without a password or log into websites without a password.

And with the spread of Corona pandemic It is becoming increasingly used in all areas of life, but it has become vulnerable to exploitation by cybercriminals and hackers to carry out their attacks.

How can cybercriminals exploit QR codes

There are several ways in which cybercriminals can take advantage of QR codes to achieve their goals, and one way is to hack a business website and replace the QR code with its own.

It is difficult for users to detect fake or altered QR codes, because they are all the same.

The fake code may direct users to a fake data-collecting website address or request sensitive data.

Where cybercriminals can request user credentials and then take control of email or social media accounts.

It may also lead users to an illegal app store, and inadvertently download a malicious app that leads to data theft or privacy breach.

There is also another method whereby cybercriminals can create an unsecured WiFi network that promises free internet to anyone who scans their QR code.

Once a user logs in, hackers can eavesdrop on shared data and steal personal account information.

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Avoid fake QR codes

It is usually difficult to tell if a QR code in front of you is fake or reliable with the naked eye, but there are several precautions one can take to avoid becoming a victim.

The first is that business owners and support officials should perform regular checks on their websites and apps to ensure that the code and link they provide are correct.

They can do this by regularly scanning the code to check if the link in the QR code is correct.

The user should not scan the QR code if he does not know where he is going.

And do a preview of the website and domain name to make sure it’s where you expect to be directed to.

and use of secure QR code scanning applications that allow users to preview websites before visiting them.

All in all, you should think carefully before scanning QR codes. During and after it to increase the chance of protecting your devices and data to avoid becoming a victim.

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