Haven studio led by Jade Raymond is working on a PS5 game that players can co-own

Haven Studios president Jade Raymond stated in a new interview via Games Industry about her big ambitions.

She announced that a new game from the studio is in development for the PS5 and that it will be a completely new title original from the studio, and interestingly enough, according to her, it will feature players directly involved in co-owning the game and not just the creators and creators of it.

Raymond didn’t say much what he meant by these statements, so are we in the process of getting an innovation similar to Dreams, or is she referring to players choosing their own hands-on content?

However, the creator also pointed out that this mysterious title will bring a new level of quality, and said that collaborating with Sony was somewhat of a natural choice for them because it supported their creative ideas and understood the development process and gave developers the independence they needed.

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