Halo Infinite first pre-download available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers

After a lot of waiting and delays, here we are finally getting to know the official launch date of the game Halo Infinite, which will come to us on December 8, 2021 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and also PC. Although there is still plenty of time ahead, the game joins the list of the first pre-downloadable games in the Xbox Game Pass library.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can pre-load the game, but you won’t download the entire game. Xbox Series owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will only download a small file that does not exceed 280.2 MB in order to prepare for the preload time of the full version of the game, which is similar to what happened with Halo Infinite and many of the games that Microsoft announced during the last period.

This download will act as an actual reservation for Halo Infinite as soon as the actual pre-download is opened, and that the game will start the download process without your permission in case you forget it, which is good, but expect that the game may exceed 90 GB.

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