Halloween Kills movie review

Halloween Kills was reviewed by the Venice Film Festival, where it had its world premiere. It will be released in cinemas on October 15.

It is considered Halloween Kills A dark chapter in the story of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, with a grim tone and more heinous crimes than we’ve seen in previous titles. The film finds satisfying ways to expand the world of director Carpenter’s original film with a greater focus on Haddonfield and characters from the 1978 classic, but unfortunately suffers from the feeling of an unfinished experience.

The movie begins with a flashback to the end of the movie Halloween In the original, it expands the role of Commissioner Frank Hawkins (present-day Will Patton) to show us what really happened when Michael was finally arrested after his murder spree. Director David Gordon Green and cinematographer Michael Symonds do a fantastic job reimagining the world of the original Carpenter movie, and even finding sincere ways to bring old characters back for new scenes. Actually it seems that Halloween Kills He sticks more with the first movie than he does with the second part/robot. There are references to everything from Michael’s horrific disposal of the dog in the original movie, to hidden surprises throughout the entire series (there are several references to the movie). The Curse of Michael Myers), as well as the return of many fan-favorite characters. Fortunately, the references and the appearance of previous characters are meant to do more than please fans, as they enhance the series as a whole by building a bridge between the original and new films, linking the trauma of the past with the resurgence of the series. The Shape At the present time.

The main story takes place right after the events of the movie Halloween From 2018, with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Karen (Judy Greer), and Alison (Andy Matichak) leaving Laurie’s burning home, they believe Michael is dead. But of course such a strong evil never really dies, and the Boogeyman home again. But this time the cast expands to include more of the Strode women and a host of innocent onlookers. Several characters return from the original 1978 movie, including Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet), and even former Mayor Lee Brackett (Charles Sivers).

The people of Haddonfield Town, tired of living in constant fear, decide to form a mob and hunt down The Shape. This is a unique topic for this type of film, but one that is not known Halloween Kills What he really does. There are interesting questions raised about the mentality of crowds and what fear does to society, but the script never decides whether to condemn or encourage it.

But even if the entire town is looking for him, Michael Myers isn’t the underdog. Rather, this movie is more angry, dark and violent than the movie Halloween From 2018, it includes some of the most shocking and disturbing murder scenes in the entire series. While movies Halloween Often interrupted the moment Michael jumps on someone and only then reveals what happened after the crime, the movie Halloween Kills Showcasing Michael’s brutal murders in full.

Believe me, these killings are very bloody, and the best example of the shock level when he gives us Halloween Kills First actual look at Michael’s sadistic artistic expression through his disgusting parade of mutilated corpses, which is more disturbing than any of the Silver Shamrock. Even John Carpenter’s soundtrack is darker, slower and more dramatic than any of the films Halloween previous.

This movie is more angry, dark and violent than the movie Halloween of 2018.

This does not mean that Halloween Kills Totally devoid of fun. He still knows when to balance horror and lightness, introducing two new comic characters, played by Scott MacArthur and Michael MacDonald, who grab the spotlight every time they appear on screen, just as Julian Morrissey (Gabriel Nantambo) did in the 2018 movie.

Most of the problems come in Halloween Kills of being the second chapter in a trilogy that was announced prior to its release. Some characters stray from most action for no apparent reason, while various themes and revelations are introduced and then quickly dropped, including some hints of the Michael Myers curse that are sure to spark a lot of discussion among fans. most movie Halloween Kills It comes as a prelude to the final showdown, including a hanging ending that makes it look like half a movie.

Compared to sequels to other horror movies, especially sequels to a revamped series, Halloween Kills does a lot of the right things. It honors the original movie in a way that doesn’t seem empty and just to please fans, but rather as an element that enhances the movie. The film’s melancholy style instantly distinguishes itself from previous films, delving deeper into themes of trauma and how it affects society while providing some very horrific murder scenes. Unfortunately, the film cannot be truly independent, as it relies too much on an epilogue that we won’t know for another year, an epilogue that could either fix some gaps in the film, or expose it to more flaws. That’s why it’s hard to recommend Halloween Kills as a stand-alone experience, but rest assured that when Michael goes out to kill, Halloween is definitely a killer.

Translated by Dima Muhanna

Halloween Kills suffers from being the second chapter in a trilogy, but it still offers gory fun, great performances by the cast, and an amazing soundtrack from John Carpenter. There are enough references to the original film to satisfy Carpenter fans while expanding the myths about Michael Myers and the town of Haddonfield in useful ways.

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