Hackers have already started sneaking into Battlefield 2042’s beta

After months of trust in the Battlefield 2042 development team about Easy Anti-Cheat, this was completely shattered after a few hours of the Battlefield 2042 beta, as we started getting pictures and videos of hackers already starting to sneak Battlefield 2042 beta.

Although the hacks are not as complicated as the one that hit the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta two weeks ago, the screenshots show Wallhacks that let cheaters know where their opponents are behind walls as well as an aimbot and many other cheats and hacks.

So far, we have identified three different types of cheats and hacking, with a cheat service provider from China offering their cheats for just $2 a day, giving cheaters a chance to cheat during the entire Battlefield 2042 beta for just $8.

Our global site spoke with creator MavriqGG, who is aware of the cheat scenes we’ve seen in the tweets below, and even of its providers, developers, and more. MavriqGG states:

The truth is that there is no anti-cheat unhackable, but what’s good about Battlefield 2042 is that there are no cheats I’ve seen that are open to everyone and easily accessible for free, unlike during the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta, so All scams currently require some form of paid subscription. The paid subscription is both good and bad, as the developers of cheating and hacking tools provide an application to keep the number of users low, in order to avoid detection, and this means that although there are cheaters in the game, their numbers will be much less even than those in games like Call of Duty.

When asked if a massive EA source code hack earlier this year helped hackers get into the game once they got that data and code, Mavriq said the leak might have given cheat developers a head start, saying: It’s like getting notes before taking an exam.

It’s not clear at the moment the extent of the Battlefield 2042 hack issue, but with cheaters already in the beta, it’s a matter of concern, and we hope that EA can deliver on its promise and commitment to fair play when the game officially launches on November 19 in its full version across home devices and PC.

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